Shiloh House of Tranquility

Shiloh House was established in 2006.

Shiloh House is a shelter for women in crisis i.e. victims of gender-based violence, rape, human trafficking as well as domestic violence and other forms of abuse and victimisation.

UCEC’s continuous engagement with beneficiaries, other stakeholders and government departments revealed gender-based violence as one the most critical and topical issue of the day. This also highlighted how victims are being put to risk of HIV infection and also physically and emotionally crippled from the abuse that they experience.

Gender based Violence is regarded as a serious and growing concern in South Africa, which has the highest incidences of domestic violence in the world. The Domestic Violence Act, 1998 (Act116 of 1998) was brought into effect in order to afford the victims protection from the abuse. It was also through the Act that the country would take a stand against the violence. UCEC is among non government organisations who aim to protect women and children who fall victim and those who survive these gruesome acts.

On the same note, Human trafficking is a growing phenomenon in which human beings are bought and sold for profits through forced prostitution, bonded labour and involuntary domestic servitude. The United Nation’s International Labour Organization estimates that there are currently over 3.5 million people who are victims of trafficking worldwide.  This makes it the second most profitable criminal activity in the world after illegal drugs trafficking and it is the fastest growing at the same time.

Human trafficking occurs virtually everywhere in the world and takes on many forms: sexual / pornography, forced labour, forced marriage, the use of child soldiers, the use of persons for street begging, petty crime and organ removal, etc.

UCEC has also joined community of organisations worldwide who advocate and spread awareness on the issue of human trafficking as well as the impact it has on society today.

We will not stop until we STOP Human Trafficking. #saveourchildren #hhppb

Stay blessed..

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