Covenant Partners

A Covenant Partner is an individual or organization that supports Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre with a monthly commitment of R250, or a quarterly or annual partnership gift of R2000.

Many partners may give R500, R1000, or more, per month as the Lord enables them. Our commitment is to use all donations in the areas where they’re needed most and can make the most impact.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Partnering with UCEC

Partnership with Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre provides an exceptional and meaningful opportunity to reach thousands of South Africans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Covenant Partner you are recognised as an integral part of the U.C.E.C. family, and you are highly valued for what you make possible for others.

Through our weekly programmes, we are able to feed the hungry, find jobs for the unemployed, send drug and alcohol abusers to rehabs, reach out to commercial sex workers (many of whom are victims of Human Trafficking) – and give them a chance at a new life by allowing them to stay at UCEC’s Crisis Centre. We also send children from the streets to school; provide education through care givers at our Day Care Centre for (mostly) HIV/Aids orphaned children in a rural area called Inanda. We have a team who visits, counsels and supports inmates at prisons providing them a chance of rehabilitation once their sentence has been served. UCEC also runs an HIV / Aids home-based care program in the rural areas as well as awareness and support group in the city.